Brief history

Nurse with a patient about 1930

At the end of the 19th century, Protestants were generally hardly prevented from practicing their faith openly in Vienna. However, unlike the Catholics, they did not have their own hospital that addressed the spiritual needs of Protestant patients. Pastor Paul von Zimmermann initiated the establishment of the "Association for Protestant Diaconia in Vienna", whose 12 members laid the spiritual cornerstone for building the "Diakonissenkrankenhaus".

In 1901, thanks to generous donations from sponsors, the hospital was opened after 2 years of construction. Initially it was deaconesses who were thus able to move from home care to a central nursing facility where they continued their nursing care. Classical medical care came later, because at that time hospitals were primarily places providing spiritual support and relief of pain.


Evangelisches Krankenhaus

Hans-Sachs-Gasse 10 - 12 A-1180 Wien

General secretariat 

Fr. Bernadette Graf
Tel.:  +43/1/40 422 - 502

Fr. Susanne Müllebner
Tel: +43/1/404 22 - 504

Fr. Iris Schrattenbacher
Tel.: +43/1/404 22 - 507

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