Institute for Head and Neck Diseases
Institute for Head and Neck Diseases
from left to right: Prof. Arno Wutzl, Priv. Doz. Claudia Lill, Prof. Boban Erovic, Prof. Sasan Hamzavi, Prof. Rudolf Seemann
from left to right: Prof. Arno Wutzl, Priv. Doz. Claudia Lill, Prof. Boban Erovic, Prof. Sasan Hamzavi, Prof. Rudolf Seemann

Many diseases which affect the area of the head and neck have similar symptoms. For laypersons, it is often difficult to decide what specialist they should see. The Institute for Head and Throat Diseases is a central point of contact for all disorders in this area.

The Institute for Head and Neck Diseases has now been joined by several internationally renowned experts: specialists professors Boban Erovic, Claudia Lill and Sasan Hamzavi have strengthened the medical staff of the ENT department. Professors Rudolf Seemann and Arno Wutzl are oral surgeons and specialists in oral and maxillofacial surgery. They treat both outpatients and inpatients.

Staff Physicians

Prim. Priv.-Doz Dr. Boban Erovic, MBA

Head of Department

Tel.: +43/699/133 567 31


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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Claudia Lill

Deputy Head of Department

Tel.: +43/676/363 61 92

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Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sasan Hamzavi

Divisional Head

Tel.: +43/676/500 21 51 

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Priv.-Doz. DDr. Arno Wutzl

Divisional Head

Tel.: +43/2272/64644 

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Prof. Priv.-Doz. DI DDr. Rudolf Seemann, MBA

Divisional Head

Tel.: +43/1/533 31 51

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The Institute is well-equipped to deal with difficult cases

As a central point of contact, the Institute’s range of treatments also includes, in addition to the entire scope of treatment for ear, nose and throat diseases, head and neck surgery as well as oral and maxillofacial, surgery. The Institute focuses on corrections and restoration of congenital or acquired malformations of the face, in particular of the lip, nose and ear, lower and upper jaw. Furthermore, oncological surgery of the entire head and neck region as well as plastic reconstructive surgery for the functional and aesthetic recovery of tissue structures form the pillars of our institute.

Patient benefit: interdisciplinary cooperation

In terms of diagnostics, the Institute for Head and Neck Diseases cooperates closely with Diagnosehaus 18. In addition, patients benefit from the interdisciplinary cooperation of the Institute for Head and Neck with the established neurological and thyroid specialists at the Evangelical Hospital. “With this great team of experts and the interdisciplinary cooperation, the Institute for Head and Neck Diseases has become a real centre of excellence”, says the General Manager of the Evangelical Hospital, Mark Feder.

Registration and appointment scheduling

Specialists are available by appointment from Monday to Friday in the morning for outpatients. Appointments are scheduled by the outpatient secretariat of the Evangelical Hospital.

Should a procedure require you to stay at the hospital, surgery dates can often be organised within a few days.




Appointments arranged in the outpatient clinic.

Costs: EUR 193,--

The outpatient fee must be paid cash at the Institute.


Outpatient clinic of Evangelischen Krankenhauses

Schopenhauerstraße 14, A-1180 Wien

Outpatient clinic office:
Tel.: +43/1/404 22 - 2802 bzw. 2820
Fax: +43/1/404 22 - 2810 

Ward management: DGKP Karoline Schüller

Opening hours:
Monday - Friday: 07:30 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr

Underground: U6-station Währinger Straße/Volksoper or station Michelbeuern
Streetcar lines: 41,40 - station Kutschkergasse

WIFI-garage (Währinger Gürtel/Gentzgasse), AKH-garage oder EKH-garage (with costs, limited capacity)