Physical Medicine
Physical Medicine
Abteilungsvorstand Prim. Dr. Sascha Sajer

Head of Department :

Prim. Dr. Sascha Sajer, MBA

"Our job is postoperative treatment following orthopedic, surgical, neurosurgical, and  gynecological operations. Another focus is conservative treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and of neurological and a number of internal diseases." 

Our goal is to restore movement that has been lost due to disease, accident, or surgery. Together with the patient, we define treatment goals together to enable optimal mobility and freedom from pain and a high degree of independence and quality of life.

Staff physicisans

Prim. Dr. Sascha Sajer, MBA

Head of Department

Tel.: +43/1/968 27 28


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Dr. Peter Biowski

Physical Medicine, Rheumatology

Tel.: +43/1/409 27 19


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Divisional Head

Certified physical therapist Cornelia Grosinger, MSc
Certified physical therapist
Cornelia Grosinger, MSc

To ensure individual, high-quality treatment, therapy is provided either right at the bedside or in single therapy rooms. We also have a gym with fitness equipment and a water therapy pool.

The team

Interaction of various occupational groups is very important for the success of physical therapy.

Our team consists of 18 physiotherapists, 1 occupational therapist 3 medical technical specialists, 2 massage therapists, 7 medical masseurs.

List of therapists

Josef Heiß, Physiotherapeut 

Praxis: 1090 Wien, Alserstraße 18
Tel.: 0664/2028631

Robert Kasal, Heilmasseur
Praxis: 1030 Wien, Markhofgasse 1-9/Stg.2/6.Stock/328 
Tel.: 0699/11402574,

Ingrid Kerschberger, Physiotherapeutin
Tel.: 0664/9718822


Evangelisches Krankenhaus
Hans-Sachs-Gasse 10 - 12, A-1180 Wien

Divisional Head :
Cornelia Grosinger, MSc 

Ward Office :
Barbara Dragic
Tel.: +43/1/404 22 - 640
Fax: +43/1/404 22 - 646