Day Clinic
Day Clinic

Our day clinic consists of fully equipped, modern patient rooms and an adjoining operating room. Despite your short stay in our clinic, we offer you the best possible comfort and service along with outstanding treatment quality.

"The procedures conducted in the day clinic are primarily eye operations (e.g. cataracts), varicose vein operations and other minor surgeries (e.g.  carpal tunnel syndrome, annular ligament splitting, etc.)"

Your practitioner decides in advance whether day clinic treatment is right for you.

Please remember to bring all surgery-relevant documents along (e.g.: diagnostic results) on admission. If the required diagnostic results are not available at the time of admission, the procedure cannot be performed.

The necessary documents are determined by your surgeon and if applicable by your anesthesiologist.

We offer you scheduling reliability, short wait times and well-structured processes. Moreover, you will be back in your familiar surroundings just a few hours after your procedure. Please ensure that a trusted person is with you in the first few hours after discharge.

Upon request, your next of kin can be informed of the time of your discharge by phone. During this time, waiting relatives can use the waiting area of the outpatient clinic (until 4.00 pm) or the cafeteria on the ground floor (main entrance Hans-Sachs-Gasse).

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Head of operations: Lisa Theuretzbachner
Head of nursing:
Aneta Börner


Entrance via the ambulance
Schopenhauerstraße 14
(this entrance is only open until 16:00!)

Opening hours day clinic:

monday - friday: 07:00-19:30 

Accessibility and
questions about your stay:

OR and bed planning

Tel.: +43/1/404 22 - 9606 DW