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Silent Contemplation Room

“There is a time for everything, [...] a time to be silent and a time to speak” (Ecc. 3,1-7)
The Evangelical Hospital has been able to offer a Silent Contemplation Room since it was opened by Pastor Dr. Margit Leuthold on 4 May 2016.
 “This room allows everyone in the hospital to come and enjoy a moment of quiet, to take a break or to bid farewell to a loved one in a dignified setting”, says Pastor Leuthold. Superintendent curator Dr. Inge Troch welcomed the open and discreet design of the room which invites everyone, regardless of their denomination, religion or faith, to enter and stay a while.
The old chapel on the first basement level of the Evangelical Hospital was transformed into a Silent Contemplation Room thanks to the professional support of the building services. The Evangelical Hospital now offers a comprehensive and individual approach to spirituality and spiritual care in the hospital.