Spiritual care
Spiritual care

Management of visiting services and pastoral care:


Pfarrerin Dr. Livia Wonnerth-Stiller

Spiritual Care = a team dedicated to serving people

Illness is one of the fault lines in our lives. Generally speaking, it is our bodies that require special treatment and care when we are ill. We often forget that our souls also need to be treated with care during this time. It does us good when someone is there to listen and find healing words.

Spiritual Care – we are there for you! 

We listen to you and take time to address what’s on your mind.

Spiritual welfare team: Pastoral care and visiting services staff receive continuous basic and advanced training and regular supervision.


  • Conversations at the bedside, 
  • worship services (Sundays, 10:00 a.m. in our own chapel), 
  • prayers at the bedside,
  • Holy Communion at the bedside or communion for the sick,
  • rituals to give meaning and help deal with life’s challenges (unctions, blessings),
  • accompanying the farewell process and providing support for the grieving process

Target group: 

Regardless of religious denomination, religion or ideology.

  • patients, 
  • relatives, 
  • employees.

Getting in touch:

Directly via the team leader Pastor Dr. Livia Wonnerth-Stiller (livia.wonnerth-stiller@remove-this.evang.at ) or via the nursing staff on your ward.

You are also welcome to indicate your visit request to reception, where our staff can contact and arrange for a spiritual counselor of your religious community.


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