1. Consult your specialist in the practice

If you have do not yet have a specialist of choice for your health problem, see the list of physicians for an overview of the specialists at Evangelical Hospital, grouped by specialty.

In cases where further treatment in the practice does not seem to be sufficient, your specialist will recommend admission to the hospital. Your physician will also give youe exact information about the length of the hospital stay, surgical or conservative treatment options, and the costs involved.

The fee will be arranged directly with the specialist (your physician of choice). The physician can settle the fee directly with some health insurance funds – please inquire!


If you have an additional private insurance, both the physician's fees and the hospital fees will be covered.


Important: Please ask your insurance company whether there will be a copayment for the hospital stay.

2. Bed reservation

The bed is reserved only through your physician of choice, who will contact our department for surgery/bed planning. If you wish to have a single or double room, you must inform your physician immediately.

For price information, please contact our billing department.


3. Your physician of choice will inform you about

  • Autologous blood donation before surgery: Preparations should start a few weeks before the procedure; please take this into consideration when planning the hospital stay.
  • What time you should be at the hospital
  • What reports (findings) you should bring
  • What drugs you should stop taking before hospitalization or should/can continue to take during your stay
  • When you will be discharged
  • How and where you will have follow-up care

4. When you arrive at Evangelical Hospital

To ensure satisfactory organization, the administration needs some personal information:

You will be given an admission form at the front desk. This form must be filled out completely and accurately by you or a person with you. Of course, these data will be handled in compliance with the data protection law. If you wish – and for a fee – you will be given a phone. Then you will be asked to go to the admissions office to submit the admission form and clarify any remaining questions. Please request the hospital brochure that has all the information you need about meals, visiting hours, etc.

See the checklist for your hospital stay for more information.

Following this, a staff member will take you to your room and show you the space for your clothes and luggage. You may use your own mobile phone in the rooms and lounge areas. These areas also have free WLAN access.

If you have requested a telephone, it will be connected for you. Then a member of the nursing staff will come and tell you about your hospital stay.

5. After the hospital stay

On the day you are discharged, you will be given your x-rays and all current findings by the ward.

The discharge report will be mailed to you.

You can obtain confirmation of your stay in the admissions office during office hours.

Don't forget to remove cash and valuables from your room safe.

Please have the ward arrange for transportation home the day before you are discharged.

If you have taken out books from the hospital library, please return them to the nursing station.


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