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General contract terms

For physicians in private hospitals in Vienna.

According to the general contract terms for physicians in private hospitals of the Association of Private Hospitals of Austria regarding the legal relationship of physicians with Evangelical Hospital Vienna (hereinafter referred to as "Hospital").

General contract terms


Evangelisches Krankenhaus  
Hans-Sachs-Gasse 10 - 12
A-1180 Wien

Chairman of the advisory board:

GS Dr. Erich Sieber

Tel.: +43/1/ 40 422 – 502
Fax: +43/1/ 40 422 – 510

Managing Director:

Mag. (FH) Michael Entleitner, MBA

Financial and administrative management office:

Tel.: +43/1/404 22 - 603
Fax: +43/1/404 22 - 17603